The Origin of Yoga
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The Origin of Yoga

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The Origin of Yoga

Yoga originated in India and has a history and culture of over 5000 years, known as the "treasure of the world". Yoga originated in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India. Yoga practitioners in ancient India observed, imitated, and personally experienced animal postures, creating a series of beneficial physical and mental exercise systems, known as postures.

The word "Yoga" (English: Yoga, Hindi) comes from the Sanskrit word "yug" or "yuj" in India, meaning "unity", "union", or "harmony". Yoga originated from ancient India and is one of the six philosophical schools in ancient India, exploring the principles and methods of the unity of Brahma and self. And what modern people refer to as yoga is mainly a series of self-cultivation and mental health methods. Around 300 BC, Patanjali (Hindi), the founder of the great sage yoga in India, created the Yoga Sutra, on which Indian yoga truly took shape. Yoga practices were officially established as a complete eight branch system. Yoga is a system that helps humans fully unleash their potential by raising awareness. Yoga postures use ancient and easy to master techniques to improve people's physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual abilities. It is a way of achieving a harmonious unity of the body, mind, and spirit, including the body position method, breathing method, meditation method, etc., to achieve the unity of body and mind.

The earliest record of yoga appeared in the Indian scriptures of the Vedas. Around 300 BC, the founder of yoga, Patangali, explained in the Yoga Sutra the cultivation curriculum that promotes physical health and spiritual fulfillment. This curriculum was systematized and standardized, forming the foundation of contemporary yoga practice. The philosophical principles proposed by Patangali are widely recognized as milestones towards the spiritual realm of yoga.

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